movie like a texture?

it’s possible use movie like a texture?
if it’s, what kind of format?
thanks jm

For rendering yes, for the game engine no. But search the forum for FMVed.

thanks :frowning:

Yeah. I think the Blender book says something about that :-?

hehe i guess you could use the texture as a bitmapped font and do it like that, but that measn you can only have a certain number of frames. and it would not work too well either

If you don’t need too many frames use the animated texture functionality of Blender or use a script that changes the uv coordinates. But this also doesn’t work well for a movie.

RE: kEinStein

But this also doesn’t work well for a movie.

movie is good way to make demo, or some bonus to game or something else.
but not in this time. worse :expressionless:
I work out with switching betwen objects with high resolution texture,for this time. but this isn’t correctly way.