Movie, line tracing, remove underlying green image, how?

My intention is to remove the underlying green image (laser printed line drawing) from footage and eliminate it – meaning “make it even” with the white paper surrounding it – leaving the black trace visible.

Is this possible to do in Blender/nodes?

Since the print is laser CMYK (vs RGB) even the “purest” achievable green turns out a bit grayish …

I could use Channel Key node (which create a “hole”) but the challenge here is to remove something from the screeen where the lighting vary from corner to corner in the footage if you understand …


Do any know of a setup with nodes I could try out?

Kind regards, Mikael

The best chromakey comes from the most even lighting, I’m sorry but shadowed key sources are quite hard to get right. You can however place a color ramp node as a key color into the Keyer node.

Thanks. I understand. The notice about shadowed key sources makes good sense. Kind regards, Mikael