Movie Made With Blender

(SKPjason) #1

Hey guys and gals.

I’ve been deep into production on a sci-fi flick called “The Last Outpost” that should be ready for release in August of this year. Made with Blender of course… :wink:

In the meantime… I am releasing this trailer to promote the flick. (Just a note, it is my intention to make the film a free download for us blender folk)

The trailer was edited in the style of the ads for Alien (1979) and the TV spots for Star Trek:The Motion Picture (1979). I guess this means that the trailer is BIG on pseudo-intellectual “mood” and light on actual story details… but I think you’ll still be able to figure out enough to make it an interesting viewing…

The link is here… The file is zipped, it contains a three minute windows media encoded video file. The download size is about 13 megs…

I’d appreciate any comments or questions. :smiley:

Auburn, New York USA Good Ol’ Earth

(BgDM) #2

:o :o :o :o :o

and… :o :o :o :o :o

and… (jaw dropping)… :o :o :o :o :o

That was F**CKING AWESOME. THis blows Shige’s stuff away. Unbeleivable!!


(harkyman) #3

That’s just great. I completely love the Earth destruction sequence. I don’t think that I’ve seen such a complete, well-finished product done with Blender. Of course, it’s just the trailer, but man… that’s great.

(valarking) #4

WHOA!!! :o :o :o
OMG. the ONLY thing i noticed is that the man’s arms seemed a bit stiff in the snow scene. WoW.

(theeth) #5

damn, and to say that I’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see this!!! :frowning:


(fullback) #6

Fantabulous! Weren’t you the one who posted the link to those great earth textures on

That is the best short I have seen posted on a Blender related site thus far. Really impressive! Awesome! Great!

It is going to be tough to beat that presentation. Good Job, can’t wait to see the final version.

(Goofster) #7

MY MY! Do we have an actual movie competition going on? looks like its gonna be CTE Vs The Last Outpost…

Damn this is good work Jason, keep it up, gotta love those mechs, but they hit the ground quit soft dont you think?..


(S68) #8





(theeth) #9

quite cool!

Is that the thing you talked to me about? If so, then you have the permission to tell them about you know what.


(SKPjason) #10

Goofster… nah - no competition… My flick is just 30-45 minutes… a short… with a feature-type story… I myself can’t wait for CTE… :wink: And as far as the mechs hitting the ground softly… they’re on a planet with a moonlike gravity… hence the “hopping” motion… :wink:

Theeth… yupyup… and so people know what we’re talking about… the snow scene and explosion scene make use of DYNAMICA!!! I’m still learning how to use it, so it’s presence in the scene is very small… but there it is folks… DYNAMICA will rock our blender world!!!

BgDM… thanks for the compliment… however I must say that I personally think Shige’s work is about the best there is… When I watch his stuff I feel like I need to go back to school… :wink: He’s awesome.

Thanks again for all the comments folks

(macke) #11

Since everyone is so hyped about it, I wanna see it as well. But I’m not on windows. How about a more universal format like mpeg?

Or anything that I can view on irix for that matter, .mv would be nice ;oP

(SKPjason) #12

Macke… In order to comply with the requirements of Elysiun I had to keep the download under 20 megs… I tried the bink codec, divx, realmedia, etc… none could get me under that magic number and maintain the barte minimum requirements I needed for video, as well as audio… However… If you know someone who wants to host a slightly larger file… (mpg or whatever you want :wink: I’d be more than happy to post another version.

Jason ;D

(SKPjason) #13

BTW - I’m curious if any Dutch users noticed that during the “message” sequence… the first voice heard in background is Dutch speaking… it’s my little inside Blender joke… (very inside… and a very tenuous link… :wink:

(theeth) #14

Oh… I thought I heard a part in french, but that might just be me.

If you want to put another insiders (about you know what), I could give you a .blend of the logo, so you could maybe sneak it at some point.


(macke) #15

Jason: mail me, [email protected]

I can let you upload a bigger mpg to my server.

(SKPjason) #16

theeth - yup - there was a french voyager “greeting” in there… my shoutout tom French and French candians… :wink:

There’s also a spanish and italian soundbite…

(stephen2002) #17

Humm… that was interesting.

Some of the sences showed a good combination of Terragen and Blender.

I don’t know if this was intentional, but at the start and during a few of the seqeucense, the video feed was flashing from the video to black. Is this a compression error or is it actually supposed to be there?

In the “this is the ship” sequence, the big lens flare comming off the Earth is strange.

Also, the computerised voice is a little bit hard to understand and is sometimes drowned out by the sound effects.

Overall, good. The movie has promise.

(SKPjason) #18

The sound was a bit troublesome because of the compression… I used a lot of bass and rumble effect - and with compression it tended to bleed them together… the full res DV version sounds much better.

The lens flare coming off the earth was strange, i agree… but it was a stylistic choice… It was a lens flare from reflected atmospheric light… so the lens flare midpoint was tracking the tiny moves the the planet in the frame.

The video flashing WAS supposed to be there… Kib mentioned that he thought it was a nuisance… that it brought you out of the moment… I’m kinda torn on that… I agree maybe I used it too muhc, but again, it was a stylistic choice… in terms of the story… which I tried to keep shadowey and vague in the trailer… the flashing represents the act that we humans can “see” something with our own eyes, right in front of us… but sometimes we don’t get the “whole picture” Again - a style choice… but perhaps it was too much… anyone else have an opinion?



(Nayman) #19

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

not too shabby

only one problem, the flashing hurt my eyes haerd core…


(DreamMaster) #20

Wow, so amazing! I’m jealous of you… that’s exact what I wanted to do… unfortunately, I never got around to it :frowning: Oh well… maybe in summer, since I got new computer last Nov. and I’m more experienced with Blender… :slight_smile:

Congrats! Keep up your work!