MOVIE : Mo(u)rning Arrival in Co(u)sine Virgin Valley

Hi, Blenderers.

My new animation is online.

Specially dedicated to the old Amiga users.
5 weeks work.

Enjoy (or not)…

I love it.

Hey Rimpotche, really enjoyed your animation, hypnotizing at times and loved the ending.The feel of this reminds me of the first 3D program that I used called Merlin 3D, it came bundled with an ati rage graphic card with a whopping 32 mgb of memory running on my win 95 machine - those were the days! Anyways nice work, regards!

At the beginning I was ready to just stop the video but once the insect started flying away I somewhat got hypnotized, like dreif said, with the mountains and everything. And the ending was really cool. Amazing concept, loved the ending

That is great! I love its space shifting way!