movie offset

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the same video file for different textures and offset them differently so that each plays a different section of the video. I have set this up with different textures and materials for each plane but each time I change the offset in one texture it changes the other textures automatically.

Is there anyway to solve this?


Haven’t tried, but anyway: did you try making the texture single user in each plane? To do it, go to the materials panel and click the number button beside the material name.

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thanks for the suggestion CaioBrazil. I have, however, tried this and still have the same problem. I’ll post over on and see if any one knows a solution or can work on one.

Did you try setting a different starting frame for each of your movie textures? There is a panel within the texture buttons which allows you to do this.

works fine for me. I just added the same video to three different textures and set their offsets differently. All three play at the correct different offset.

Sounds like you definitely have some sort of link there that needs breaking.