Movie on Background

I seem to have missed something as I am trying to play a movie on a billboard behind my animation.

I made a series of stills (0001.jpg …) These are stored in a folder. I then try to put these as a texture by selecting the billboard, clicking on the material button, going to the texture button, clicking the mat button, the image tab and then loading an image. This is where the problems start.

I have a texture, I click sequence, then I click autorefresh. The little preview window shows a texture that changes with the frame number.

I then render the animation and the frame is stuck at the first frame. Is there one more button that needs to be clicked?

Instead, why not simply use a video texture?Go to the sequence editor if you need to, to create your .avi
Then create the video texture in the texturing panel.

for billboards you need to make a animated texture. This can be tricky it is one big image with a bunch of images store in it starts bottom left and goes to the top right. you tell it how many rows and colloms. see the making of animated water apricot video.

@ochensati: No, that is all you have to do. The sequence section can be flaky but it does report if it can not load an image. Are you seeing any kind of report about failing to locate an image? When you say “billboard” I assume you mean a simple plane and not the billboards used in the particle system. There is a separate billboard system for particles.

Go to the textures TAB and scrub the timeline while repeatedly clicking the refresh button. This is how I do it. I have never tried using a file sequence made up of just numbers. It could be a bug in the system. If you can, re-generate your jpg sequence and put a name prefix in front of the numbers. like myImage_0001.jpg.

One thing you can do is to try another sequence. If you need a sequence, feel free to download my animated dust puff on sharecg.