Movie planes 3d in render

I have a few movie planes rendering in my 3d animation. They pass by the camera while playing. When I press play on the timeline the camera moves and the movies planes pass by. However when I RENDER this animation the 3d polygons are there but not the movie planes that are passing the camera.

Please help.

Check the planes object properties -> visibilty -> show in renders

Thanks I checked that it seems to already have been enabled…
I re-ran the render… still getting no movie plane in the render, just blank grey.

I tried creating a new layout and just dropping in a movie plane in front of the camera… it also doesn’t show in the render.

So it seems something is missing.

What do I normally have to do to get a movie plane to render?

I am currently working on a project which is heavy on that and I’m not having any issues rendering planes with either QuickTime or EXR sequences.

Would you be able to upload a file? Doesn’t necessarily have to contain everything, but perhaps just the animation and a single movie plane that is not rendering for you.

ok i got it working now… I had to enable the plugin: “add images as planes” and then render it… couldn’t see it in layout until render… kinda the opposite of doing it the other way… now i’ll try that.