Movie Set light

started working on this light. I dont know what its technical name is but its a movie set light. the objective of this model is going to be realism in the final render


Very nice start, it’s probably a ARRI Fresnel, at leas that’s what it looks like. Nice job so far.

wow yeah good call looks exactly like it


added some materials. I can’t seem to get the lighting effect im looking for


strenthened the light a little


nice, talk about detailed!

is this for any larger scene? :eyebrowlift2:

no, but im going to put a chair or something in front of the lamp just to add something to where the lights shining

the modeling is good.
the lighting needs help.
if this is supposed to be a key lamp, then I would think it would be very, very bright compared to the ambient light.
also, if you lowered the camera some it would help.

yeah im going to lower it and try to lower the AO. Should i just lower the energy of the AO to make it darker?


eh? im using a spot light and a lamp to make the light. the spot light set to inverse square and the energy is turned all the way up. how do I get it brighter?


duplicate the lamp repetitively perhaps?
Edit: By the way, turn the Halo up to give it a better shadow, Light is determined by brightness and the shadow it casts!

Hey, great model!

Remember … the lighting fixture doesn’t have to be the true light-source: it only has to plausibly appear to be.

Furthermore … you don’t have to “get it all in one render.” Compositing can be your very best friend. Decide what you want the final visual effect to be, then devise a “noodle” of visual sources and transformations that will yield the finished image that you want.

@sundialsvc4 when you say compositing are you referring to using nodes? im n00b at nodes i only know how to make a decent DoF

@mcrich114 what does the halo effect do?

i tried to do one whihc i did not have for fun

see pic and i did add some volumetric halo to the spot light

happy 2.5

I made the switch to rendering in 2.5

This is what it does.:wink: