Movie team

Hey guys. Ive been working with blender for about seven years now and i think its time that i expand. Ive done mostly still images by myself and im want to do a short. So im looking to pull a team together and im serious about it. Its hard to find hard working artist who like to volunteer but it would be good to expand your portfolio. I need animators, modelers, compositers etc. I need guys who know what they are doing and willing to take the time to work and colaborate. Pm me to get started on the first project cant wait to start.

If you have a need for a environment designer, I have some experience in that. I would love to help you in your task, here are some renders that I have made:

(I must add a disclaimer that all of these images were made under the teachings of Andrew Price, and he taught me everything in these photographs). Hope to hear from you

From: Alex

If more people apply, I may be able to help with animating. Keep in mind I only have about 2 years of experience, but I may be able to help.
P.S., Alex, those look awesome! 8o

Job Dead - CLOSED