Movie texture assigned to different faces of a cylinder?

Here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to take a cylinder, i.e. tube (no end caps) and map different movie textures around the outside of the cylinder wall. Apples iDVD 08 has a template for a menu that looks similar. I’ve been trying a bunch of different things, but can’t get it to work. Can you assign an image texture to different faces on the same model? I know how to change color etc. but I can’t get the image to stick. I didn’t think I needed to UV map. Figured it would be simple, but for this noob…it ain’t.
Thanks for any help.

The best way is to UV map, and the simplest way to do that is to use a separate material for each face. It’s trivial to UV map a single face (no need to unwrap).

I got the video UV mapped but when I render, I can’t get the video to play through on render.(stuck on 1st frame) I think I have everything set up right in the image properties window like frame count, etc.

I guess I’d have to take a look at the .blend file to know what might be going wrong.

You’re using texface textures. If you use proper material textures, it will work. Go to the material, add a texture, make it an image texture, and select the movie from the menu. I couldn’t get your movie to play (probably I don’t have the codec) but I tried your file with a movie that works for me, and sure enough, using only texface mapping the movie stays on the same frame. Just make a material texture.

I’d also suggest making the material shadeless, but that depends on the effect you want.