Movie Texture Framerate Error

I have a movie texture attached to a mesh. The framerate is setup correctly for both the source file and for the rendering output. Also the amount of frames and framestart is set up correctly. However, when the animation is rendered, the video on the texture plays fast and stays on a still frame at the end of the movie texture sequence. For example my movie texture of 17 seconds instead plays quickly for 10 seconds then remains on the final frame of the movie. The source movie for the texture is fine. I’ve tried using a movie texture via avi raw and also a picture sequence to be used as a movie texture. No matter what I still have the same issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

Man, that’s a real head scratcher. Are you sure that Blender actually likes you? Nah, just kidding! Has your movie clip been time stretched? Maybe Belnder is skipping duplicated frames or something, oooorrrrr you are having issues with interlaced footage. If the latter is the case you might try selecting the “Fields” button on the render tab in the render buttons and see if that clears things up. If you footage is the correct duration but juttery thereafter then you have the wrong field order selected and will need to correct it by either selecting or deselecting the button labeled “Odd”. Fields essentially make your animation’s frame rate doubled to either 50 or 60 FPS depending on whetheer you choose PAL or NTSC. The little button labled “X” will disable the time difference associated with field rendering but I’m not sure whether or not that applies to imported footage used as textures since everything that I do is rendered from and viewed on a computer. I never have to deal with field related issues which I understand can become quite a nightmare if you’re having to deal with NTSC’s jack-ass 29.976 framerate. Other than that, maybe Bllender really doesn’t like you.
Pieces bro.

What exactly do you mean by time stretched? I turned all my video footage to progressive for both importing source footage and rendering in my video editing software. Just to test I tried out the different field combinations to no avail. I am using NTSC framerate for everything.

A video of the error is here:

The stripped down blender file is there. The video is too large(700+ megs) and all the cuttout pieces would make the packed file large. The same movie texture is in two textures. One alpha mask and one color. This seems to work better and faster than the raytraced methods. The movie texture is attached to k(which is a curved shape).

If anyone can figure out a solution is would be much appreciated.

Time stretching essentially doubles certain or all frames depending on how long you want to stretch your video out, sort of like 3:2 pulldown when converting from 24FPS to NTSC, but that’s probably not your problem. Try deinterlacing the footage B4 importing into Blender and see if that helps.
Did you pack your file B4 uploading? I was not able to view any of your image textures. All of the names are referenced but no images wil load. File>Pack Data.

After trying various methods(including deinterlacing), I think I have exhausted all of my options. Originally, I did not upload a packed file because it was 13 megs. Now I have uploaded the packed file as well as the source video(zipped 146 megs). I appreciate the help. To use the video texture you must replace 001.png with the movie file for both textures used.

Hey Bro, I got your file working by moving the head to layer 5 and applying the wrong material to it (somehow it ended up with the same material that hed the parthanon texture applied to it), then applying my own movie to it, then I moved it back to layer 1. Yep you read that right, it’s something screwy going on with that particular material and it gave me even worse errors than the ones you described. My movie would be automatically reloaded around frame 125. I saved this file so if for some reason you cant get the above method to work, I’ll shoot it out to you. Maybe you should post this along with the original file in the bug tracker.

Problem Fixed!

After posting in the bug tracker Ton suggested I look at the “Fields/Ima” window. It works by setting the “Fields/Ima” to 2. I wish I would have done this without 13 hours of testing the issue. This has taught me yet another painful lesson. Always look at the manual first if there is a problem. (BTW I was using a BF Blender build)

Thanks for your help.

I fiddled around with that field but it didn’t seem to make any difference. The movie that used Couldn’t make it past frame 129 of 510. I started with 113 MB of full uncompressed frames, then encoded to MPEG4 at aprox. 700 KB but Blender didn’t care, it just wanted to stay on the 129 frame merry go round untill the materials got switched.

What build of blender are you using? I have been using a November 29 build from this site.

I’m pretty certain a newer build will work just as well.

You can get up to the minute, latest builds here:


2.42 pales in comparison to the upcoming release. 2.43 is utterly astounding! 2.44 will send some real shockwaves throughout the entire 3D community. Ton has had some really brilliant ideas, the greatest of which was elephants dream, as macabre as it was. It attracted top notch tallent from all over the world.

I’m using dec.12 & dec. 17 builds. I haven’t seen any info on it, but vector blur is even prettier now. Meshes interpolated along a spline gives streaks like you wouldn’t believe. Tight curves yield scaling effects akin to a snake skin. 2.42 only yields about half the result. Accident, glitch, or intentional, I don’t care…It’s bad-ass.

Sorry I wasn’t as specific. So using a newer build you ran into the same problems you indicated before?

I think I did that with 2.42 on my mom’s computer.