movie texture from separate frames

Hello all,
I would like to have an external-software-generated animation as Blender texture. First: the animation is large (5120x4096 and probably will be even larger). Second: the animation is a set of separate png files (0.png, 1.png and so forth). I tried to put them into one movie, but first: ffmpeg really dislikes such huge frames (sometimes even with 1gb ram it gets oom-killed because for some reasons before encoding starts, ffmpeg likes to do something with all images), second: the compression (if any - mpeg2 and mpeg4 don’t work if frames are too big, they get segmentation faults or eat up all system’s memory) is lossy, and I would like it to be not (of course encoders like huffman-coded yuv data don’t count - the resulting avi file would be much much much too big). Now - I put /path/to/files/%d.png in image path and it worked. Once. And I just can’t reproduce it now. Is there any way to make Blender read texture frames from separate files?
Thanks for responses.


Set your texture image to the first frame of the movie. In ‘anim and movie’ set the number of frames to the number there are. Set startframe to whatever frame number you want to use, set ‘length’ to the number of frames you would like to use. Set fields to however many fields there are per frame (only for tv formats)

The controls on the right are ‘montage’ controls. I don’t know what they do. :stuck_out_tongue: Also ‘cyclic’ toggles looping.

Hey, thanks a lot, it just works now! :smiley:

Out of interest - why is this animated texture that big? That’s like A3 at 300 dpi - fine for print, yet it’s intended for animation.

Unless it’s an animated bump map for water.