movie textures

can anyone tell me how to use movies as textures in blender

Try the tutorials in - look for the ‘cutting through metal’ one.

i mean in the sense of using an avi/mpg as a texture so that it moves

Give your object a material and a texture. Choose Image as texture, load it, and click “Movie” in the green buttons.


what are the specific file types that blender can use as movie textures, so far i can only use AVI’s rendered from blender

On Windows, Blender should be able to play everything you have a codec for. So DivX for example should be fine.

Don’t know about Linux or Mac though…

Macs can also use Quicktime, in just about any codec. Right now I’m making a video with 8mm film digitized to the Quicktime 10 bit uncompressed codec, and Blender has no problems with importing it as a texture :slight_smile:

when ever i use any movie as a texture apart from the rendered ones, it always comes up with ERROR:not an anim
what the dilly yo?