Movie Theater Intersection

So I’m working on turning a 16 page script into an animated short entirely in Blender. There’s a scene in which the main character, a droid on a motorcycle, stops at a red light in the middle of an evacuated city. To add some personality to this city I added a movie theater at the intersection that he stops at.

Are there any elements that I should add to it? It’s supposed to take place in the near future (some 50 years out) so I don’t want it to be to futuristic where it’s not realistic, you know? I’d like to make it as “photorealistic” as I can, but right now it’s pretty flat. Help!! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

EDIT: The droid is only about 4 feet tall, by the way. Also this is rendered in Cycles at 200 passes.


You should add some papers flying around in the wind… seeing as its evacuated (a bit gritty). Also needs some dust or atmosphere.

That would give it away as a realistic composition.

Looks good. I like the concept.

Maybe you should add some building accents? An outcrop? A ledge or two? Something to show variations in the building. Some insets? The building itself looks flat but mostly because it lacks any features. I would add some cables to the top of the canopy. I would add guard rails and/or bollards just in front of the poster boards. Something decorative, but functional to keep people (crowds) on the sidewalk safe from the streets. The sidewalks look narrow but it is hard to tell from this angle.

Also, i don’t know about 50 years from now, but most movie theaters have lots of lights and lighting. I would add some bands of lights around the top of the canopy. I’d leave the lights above the entry way, make them brighter, and add maybe 4 large lights under the canopy.I would add some lights around the marquees…chasing lights or alternating ones.

Usually, movie theaters are more “flair” since they are meant to attract people…get people to notice them and go inside.

Thanks man, I’ll look into flying papers, great idea.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah I was attempting to make it like a “vintage” theater in the future, which would be a modern theater today :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll work on adding more lights, etc. Do you think neon lights would be too distracting? The theater is only in the scene for about 30 seconds.

Definitely would benefit from some grunge. Road, sidewalks, walls - rain stains, oil stains, etc etc. Would go a long way in enhancing the atmosphere and the photorealism goal. Even a futuristic “clean” scene would have a bit of grunge.

No, neon would not be too distracting at all. These types of buildings are meant to be “gawdy”… think along the lines of “Las Vegas”. :wink:

Here’s an update: I added an obscene amount of neon, added some lights around the marquee, and lit the underside of the building.
Rendered at 310 samples so my computer won’t hate me:

Next step: Fixing the building above the theater, then adding those papers and garbage.

looks good man - keep it up

The upgrade looks great! You might want to consider adding a hint of glare node in the compositor. I’d go with fog glow, but then I’m a cheezeball for fog glow too much of the time. Subtle is good. Maybe sort of like this?

Yes, I think it would look good w/ the fog glow as well.

The update looks great! It really makes it look like a theater. Can’t wait to see more.

Okay I did a quick update with the glare node cause I thought it looked awesome, so here’s what I got. I accidentally put the glow really bright, but I actually kinda like this look, what do you guys think?

300 Samples

Okay, now I’ll work on the papers.

Thanks for all the feedback, this is helping out immensely :slight_smile:

I like it… looks good.