movie to .tga?

is there a program i can download that i can render an animation, and open it in the program and make it into a series of pictures, like 1 for each frame, so i can use them as animated UV textures? any help would be aprriciated :smiley:

euhm… how bout… Blender?!? :o … LOL

wait… this was a trick question, right? :smiley:

Seriously. Blender 2.34, F10 - Render buttons. Tampering with the settings in those four windows, will probably produce the things you need.

you could just do it in the sequence editor

but any video editor ought to be able to do this

im sorry…i suck. i dont get how to do this with blender… :o am i really that dumb? can someone please explain :expressionless:


go to the sequence editor (you can pull down the window type button in the top header).

In the timeline window, select Add->Movie (in this case, you can bring in images, series of images, etc).

Move the strip so that it starts at frame 1

In the render buttons, select the “Do Sequence” button under the Anim button.

Set your start frame and end frame under the Anim button (this should be based on the timeline. selecting the movie strip will tell you when the strip starts/ends)

choose tga as your render output

select the folder you want to render the tga’s to in the output folder field.

hit the anim button.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

i dont think you get what im asking…i already knew you could save each frame seperately…what i want is something that will line up all the pictures in order, so i dont have to copy and paste each individual frame, so that i can use it for animated UV texture in the game engine…is that possible or do i have to manually do it?

ok, im a little confused now, do you want to end up with a series of sequentially numbered images or take a series of images and make them into a movie??

i just explained movie to sequenced images. This will give you a bunch of tga’s with numbers on the end (ie: in order)

images to movie is pretty much the same process.

go to Add->images, just select all relevant images (tga’s whatever) and blender should load them as a strip. you can then render this to a movie. (the images might have to the numbered sequentially). You don’t have to select each image individually.

ok, i figured out an easy way to do what i need…new question, can i do the thing where i save the images, like you explained above, but with an alpha, so that the background is transparent?

in other words, is there a format in blender that i can save an animation with, that supports alpha?

sorry for the double post

.TGA or .PNG. as for your question: i’m not aware of any program that stitches together files as required for the game-engine…

hmmm…perhaps someone should make a script or something to do it :smiley:

I recently asked the same question. (rendering with an alpha background) Select PNG or TGA and press the RGBA button then under the big render button press PREMUL.