movie trailers

I was wondering, how are movie trailers planned? is it a synopsis but not in any particular order? Some movie trailers don’t go in any particular order. I cant find any info on this.

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Thank you so much, I kept on seeing how someone made a trailer with after effects but really no structure on how a trailer is made.

It’s art (well, mostly marketing…) - there’s no defined ‘way’. They want to show enough to generate interest without giving too much away. Sometimes that’s showing things in sequence, sometimes that’s showing things out-of-sequence, and sometimes it’s showing things that aren’t even in the end product. Look at the Justice League trailers - a little Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman, since they’re still fresh in the public eye, but a lot more Aquaman- not a whole lot of him out there movie- or TV-wise (there’s other reasons, of course :wink: ).

Trailers may be created which are completely different from what was already made, either for the movie or others. I remember the first ones for Arachnaphobia, which billed the movie as creature-feature horror. Guess that didn’t work out, since there was an abrupt about-face to bill it as a comedy.

“Teasers” are also usually produced early in the production process, sometimes before principal photography has “wrapped.” Occasionally, trailers will include scenes that aren’t in the final movie.

Yes, If you don’t have a movie, then you can make a teaser, a few key shots that work as a trailer that give you the feel of the movie , that will help you to get the money to make the movie.

The other case is when your movie is in post-production stage and you want to make a trailer out of it. Then you take all the shots that are already final (or near final) and try to make something out of it.

… and, as noted, then there are “goofs” where scenes get included in the trailer which didn’t make the final cut of the actual film.

There are a few on-line collections of teasers for movies that never got made, lumped under “what might have been.”