Ok guys u are going to all me a dick or what ever but i want to make a war movie hear is the start of it

We are trying to stop the infeted on Earth, is now air born we have tryed so many antviral dugs but shit all works. We though we got lucky at one pont but it only worked for a short time, im Private John-Lee May and i have been fighting the war agans the infeted for 17 years.

“What the fuck do we do now Seangent we are fucked we have been hear for 2hours there is no evac coming and im down two 2 mags” as i scremed over the gun fire coming from 17 other soldies “Fuck up Private get the fuck back in line” “Fuck im out” yelled one of the soldies “hear take my one” as i though it across to him" get the fuck out of hear" a soldie scream in pain “were the fuck is our evac” I hear somethink over the radio " evac E.T.A 2min " i think to my self we will not last that long, Sengent screams out to every one “2min Soldies dig in” i Scream “fuck im out” and all i can hear is the choppers over head and i was thinking omg im going to live one of the choppers land behind wear we were and asks how many dead i scream over the choppes and the gun fire in the back ground"36 dead 24 wornded and the 6 of us still kicking" the chopper polt said"wornded 1st then dead then u guys" as soon as i turn a round to tell the sengent he got shot i scream “FUCK THIS SHIT” turned bank to the chopper plot and put my gun to his face snd toled him “to get us all on” he sais “wornded first” i graved him around the neck and told him him that “U get us out of this fucking shit hole”

so i need a lot of help and make some money thx to how every waant to help me

thx Cameron:)

if it works and ppl ant to help money we can make