moviecube machinima mod is looking for 3d modelers and animators

/hi there,

i’m working on a machinima tool called moviecube. Its a game mod based on the game sauerbraten (cube2 engine -

moviecube background:

Publishing a machinima using comercial game engines and media depends on the goodwill of the game publisher.
The goal of moviecube is to provide an open source machinima tool, which is on top of a free engine and gives people the opportunity easily to add their own content. moviecube will be suitable for scripted machinima and live machinima (multiplayer) as well. I for myself had used it as vj tool too.

some features:
(the project is in development, but some stuff already works)
*ingame map editor
*cube script
*support for md3 and md5 formats (exporters for blender exist)
*add actors and script their actions (works in multiplayer too)
*additional model animations (beside the standard game animations)
*basic camera scipting support
*v4l2 support (why not)
*texture animation

some planed features:
*ffmpeg movie playback
*camera preview
*sharing map the hole content (textures, scripts, models) over the net
*ingame tutorials
*possibility to save actor and camera scripts inside the map

i uploaded some videos showing how moviecube works:

At the moment i’m much involved into coding moviecube, so i’m looking for people who will work on playermodels (md3/md5). end of the year i plan a first release with ingame tutorials, demomaps, textures and models to make it user easier to use moviecube. For this i need help.
If youre interessted or have further questions feel free to write me an mail:

If you you want to test moviecube, you can check it out from the svn located here:

thanx. ofttools.