movies & regular scenes at the same time?

Hi guys I have a problem, in my space sim game I have a briefing screen where you can got to ship customisation (weapons, armour etc) and I want a swanky 3d wireframe of my ship rotating and then being textured. That I can do as a non real-time animation easy using the build effects. The thing i want know is to have that as maybe an animated texture or something running as the same time as the briefing screen.

Thanks in advance

Animated texture is very easy to use. Just join all frames to one picture, use it as texture with buttons Tiles and Amin pressed. For closer reference look at documentation for Publisher 2.25

this is probably not what you were trying to do, but why not have the mesh have a wireframe texture on it, so that all the edges have the wire on it, it will cause the mesh to look wireframe

He wants it to “build” the ship, not just look wireframe. It will look wireframe and then use blender’s build effects to “build” the ship around the wireframe. You’d probably be best off with animated textures, though if you don’t want it to loop it’d probably be best if you used an animated texture script.


actually the problem is converting the animation into an animated texture how do I export the avi or whatever an then be able to use it as an animated texture.

How about just using animated texture for your ship. Maybe few (50) frames of transition from wireframe-like texture to normal texture should look well, if played at speed 5 frames pre second (total 10 seconds). If you need to play it only once, at the end of animation replace mesh with normal static texture.

For conversion of animation to animated texture. Create animation as set of individual pictures (in Blender animate to targa). And then join them manually or just write little script that will do it for you. You can find inspiration at