Movies/Series you had an emotional moment to

it takes a real good movie to evoke such a response, in my case it was the final episode of the anime Last Exile (26 episodes). What about you?

definatly band of brothers I really felt for the guys there and passion of Christ those two man I had some wet eyes and I aint afraid to admit it.

Well band of brothers was during and after the battles in France whatever its called when they was in the snow. Passion was the whole darn thing.

When Bill murry is trying to save the homeless guy in “groundhog Day”

Mindfields, cyan sun…they made me cry cause I wanna do that…


babe, pig in the city. really that little dog with the no back legs, when he set out to find his friend, that was sad.

uhhhh… hmmmm…

when i was 4 i saw a godzilla that scared the heck outa me :wink:

ok now seriously, We were Soldiers was amazing, i cant imagine being in a situation like that, its amazing.

final scene of gladiator… :frowning:

When A.I. finaly meet the blue fairy in the end, I cry… a lot!

The end of House of Sand and Fog, Sunshine, Breaking the Waves, and Amorres Perros (hope the spelling is right :P).



Trix commercials.

I know it sounds dumb… but…


yeah, definatley band of brothers, i wept like a bitch :wink:

dancer in the dark, the fry’s dog ep of futurama

The ending scene in last week’s episode of “ER”. You’ll know what I mean if you have kids… heavy sh*t, man, it just broke my heart.

The end of The Return of the King.

I don’t get it. Why does everyone cry during movies? It’s just a movie! Gah! People at the movie theater make me mad when they start wailing when some sad crap happens and I’m forced to listen to their crap.

I agree about Trix though, give the bunny the cereal.

Remember the Titans when Burtier is in the hospital. And Unsung Heroes, when the little boy is at his mother’s funeral. And some video we watched in health class. It was some t.v. special about cliques in high school. It was so emotional as all these kids started talking about the hatred and discrimination around them and broke down with guilt and shame.

Hey sadness is not the only emotion what about the times when you want to shout “Hell Yeah!!!” cause something good just happened. Like when neo saved the keymaker and morphius off the top of the semi in the second Matrix. or whenever the protagonist kickes the bad guys butt like in Die Hard. Yippy Kiy Yay! Movies that scared the crap outa you i.e. The Exorist. non comedy movies that made you laugh like the Color Purple when the drunk girl said “you sure is ugly!”. Just my 2 cent of comment.

Silly rabbit trixs are for pimps!

The moment when Andy Dufrane escaped from Shawshank prison, crawling through the sewer pipe and coming out clean!

lol…good movie though…

lord of the rings when deagol died :frowning:

just kidding.

The movie Map of the Human Heart’s (IMBD Link) ending was written for one simple reason: to rip a little girls heart out and stomp on it. Sat with my gf in the parking lot for a good 20 mins while she bawled her eye’s dry and admit I got a little choked up too.