Anyone know of any good tutorial sites on using the sequence Editor for film or video? Much appreciated in advance.

There are some good tutorials out there, I will try to dig up the links…
These are not good beginner sites, but may get you over the hump

Thanks mthoenes. I really appreciate your help. I have stumbled upon your site a few times and I have give you applause. Very, Very good site. I really like the Kate .blend file I’ve learned a lot from that. Anyhow good job and thanks for the urls.


Thanks for the praise,
Glad to know the files I post are useful. I learned Blender mostly from the web. I highly recommend getting the Blender Book by Carsten Wartman or the tutorial guides from Blender E-shop. They will save you a year of trial and error learning.

I have not had time to search for tutorials, I suggest you post a question in the chat forum “looking for sequence editor tutorial”… Someone wil have an answer.

Actually your urls answered my questions. I too learned Blender from the net tutorials. I’m a newbie compared to the rest of you all but I have been using Blender for a little over two years now. I havnt explored a lot of it’s potential yet I mainly just render still life but lately I’ve had a need for a little more. Animating seems so long and tedious I’d probably pull my hair out. :slight_smile: Take care and thanks again.