I am currently working on creating a website called It will be a large collection of tutorials on how to create a movie divided into three parts: pre-production, production, and post-production. It will include how to right a story, copyrighting and legal issues, camera direction, acting tips, special effects (that is where blender comes in) and distribution help. It would be nice if this could be a community project where different people (in and out of the blender community) could write a tutorial and have it posted on the website. I am still working on getting everything set up, but if people would like to start sending in tutorials now that would be great.

Thank you very much,
Clinton Edminster

Hey Pencil Prductions!

I think you would be offering a great resource, one that the community will hopefully embrace. Don’t know if it helps, but here is a link to a tut I have been working on dealing with Optical Motion capture with Blender. So far, section 1 is complete, with section 2 on it’s way…check it out, if it works for your site, I’ll send it to you in whatever format you would like…

cj maynard: i think its simpler to rotoscope just by using your normal armature… why go all the trouble and moving the empties?


Thanks basse- you have a very good point. I patterned this technique after the Syntheyes supervised tracking workflow, and transposed it to Blender…but really, you save the extra step of rigging those empties to the armature, so I am grateful…

(sorry for drifting off-topic pencil productions!)

CJ Maynard:
Yeah, that sounds great. Really good tutorial, that would be fun to try out and put on the website. If you could email it to me that would be great. I am not sure which format would be the best, but I can access pretty much anything. I will have to figure that out.
Thank you very much!