movine bone origin in edit mode?

I’m rigging a model, following a tutorial that I found online, and I finished the spine and left side, and then mirrored the left side to the right, and, after mirroring, the origin for all of my bones is at the bottom of my model. I don’t have enough undos to reverse the mirror, and there doesn’t seem to be an origin to geometry option in edit mode. setting origin to geometry in object mode does nothing. Is there a way to fix this? And does mirroring normally cause this? In the tutorial, the origins seem to be where they are supposed to be after mirroring.

edit: I have no idea what happened to my title, and now I can’t fix it…

Bone origins are always at the head end of the bone. Are you talking about where the move/rotate gizmo is at when you pick a bone? If that’s what you’re talking about then the pivot point, in the 3D window header bar, is probably set to 3D Cursor. Change it to Median Point or Individual Origins.

That was it. You’re a life saver.