Moving a character along terrain


If I have made a character, created shape keys for moving animations and added controls and the character moves in the BGE fine, how would I get the character to move along terrain (i.e over bumps etc and not walk straight through it?).

I presume I would have the terrain as static and maybe the character as dynamic? The problem I get with this though is the character just falls over?


I think this should be in Game Engine Support and Discussion. I believe a script exists for that.


Sorry, I do not know how to move this to another forum?

Is there no way of doing this without a script? This is one of the most basic requirements of any game, so I wouldn’t have thought you’d should have to know Python for this?

don’t forget to set the bounding boxes. The terrain should be a triangle mesh bounds type and the player should be a box or something simple.

Try some different things and see what works. Try using a servo motion actuator instead of simple motion…

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If you use Servo Control. remember to press the Z button in the same Actuator as the Y movement. Leave all 3 Z boxes at 0.