Moving a Face along a Normal in 2.54

I’m trying to do the seemingly simple task of translating a face along it’s face normal. In 2.4x you simply clicked the middle mouse button to go from X Global, to Y Global, to Z Global, and then to Normal. Now for the life of me I can’t seem to get the stupid face to just move along its normal.

It’s just basically a simple cube, but it is rotated (in edit mode) so its axis no longer line up with the global axis, hence moving the face along the global axis results in a skewed cube.

Now obviously I can work around this and get what I want by many means, but I want to know why I can’t do it the proper way.

Any help? Need more info or clarification?

Pressing the axis key twice works: (gx for translate along global x axis, gxx to move along local x axis, e.g. – works also for rotate (rx, rxx) and scale (sx, sxx))

I don’t know why, but it isn’t working for this file. I opened up a new one and it works fine. I opened up another old file and it works fine, but I open this one file and pressing x twice simply turns off the axis again. Huh, maybe a bug working with this old file some how (it is a 2.4x created file). I don’t know.

It’s not a bug. The axis you get when you press X the second time depends on what entry you have selected in the Transform Orientation setting in the 3D manipulator part of the 3D view’s window header. You can choose from Global, Local, Gimbal, Normal, View or any custom orientations you’ve defined.