Moving a player with Mouse?

(S_Cross) #1

Please help!

I’m trying to set up a combination front shooter/ top shooter-type of game where the character is controlled by the mouse and moves forward and along the x axis (to the camera borders). In other words, the mouse movement has to be restricted on 2 axis’ and not go off the screen.

I can’t quite figure out a method to use and so far I haven’t seen an example. I think the script would look somewhat similar to a FPS shooter but maybe there’s a much simpler way. Anyone have any suggestions?



(Mmph!) #2

you might be able to tale the 3d shooter template, and hack the unwanted axis off.


(S_Cross) #3

I’ve been trying that and still can’t get it right. I’ve been substituting getOrientation with getPosition and trying many other things. I’ll try posting what I have later.