Moving a set of objects down until they hit a plan.

I’m making a forest with a bumpy ground, and I have a bunch of trees who’s bases don’t align with the ground. (Like some are floating and others go under ground). Is there any way to just move them all down so they automatically stop moving once they hit the ground? Moving each individual tree until it hits the ground takes too long.

When working with forests and trees and any other object you would like scattered across an area it is very easy to use Dupliverts (a duplicate of the tree at vertexes of a mesh)
I think BlenderGuru or Blendercookie has some tutorials on the matter.

Thanks but, when I selected that, it put the trees in all odd spots.

That sounds wierd. It should put the trees where the original tree has its origin (the little orange dot).

It did put like a bunch of trees all around the original after I parented the ground to the tree, and turned 0n dupliverts but it’s the same problem where some are under the ground and others are floating.

Activate face snapping mode and the “project individual elements” button.
All selected objects will snap their pivot points to the closest surface when grabbed/rotated/scaled.

I am sure there was a script doing just that for 2.4x.
It was from Ideasman i think. “Drop” something…

encn, thanks, it worked! And I feel like that tool can come in handy a lot now that I know it. :smiley:
Also thanks Gwenouille, but I made the switch to 2.5.
And also thanks to ejnaren, another tool I think’ll come in handy.

there’s the ‘drop to ground’ tool available in Blender. Juust make sure to set your object origin at the base of the tree (or where ever you want the ‘intersection’ to occur) for the drop function. easy enuf to set it back after, if even needed.