Moving a single Key

Could someone tell me how to esely move
a singel Key Frame in the Ipo curve editor

I need to adjust my movements a littlebit but when i grab
a single key it moves the whole line with all the keys.

but i need just to adjust one Key

i dont want delete this Key and set the mesh in the position i just want to move the Key
otherwise i dont no why this window is caled editor

Thanks hor your help

Select the curve and hit Tab to enter curve edit mode. Then select the key and do as you will.

Thank you so mutch

you saved my day i almost lost my mind.

What I find much better for adjusting timing (not neccessarily IPO values) is the NLA editor.

I agree. IPOs are the lowest-level construct that is available to drive an animation. True, “a system of IPOs is what ultimately drives the animation engine,” but there are several layers of expressiveness that are built on top of that foundation. Actions are among the most useful. The character’s motions, expressed in terms of actions, are of-course translated to IPOs as a necessary part of the process of “actually doing it,” but Blender’s the one doing that dirty-work.

Also: every IPO (and notice that there are groups of them…) is a curve, and the process for editing those curves is the same as for any other curve you can edit anywhere else. Blender’s design is extremely consistent, re-using the same ideas (and code) over and over again.