Moving a sphere using python scripting

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we are working on a project which deals with animations of objects using python scripting. We have drawn a spherein blender using python scripting and now we want to show the sphere moving from one posiotion to another using scripting.

We also need help in rotating an object from one location to another with the help of python scripting.


The more you shout and the more immature your postings are, the less people will be inclined to help you. They won´t have time for that because they are laughing too hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

It´s all there for you to learn, in the documentation and in other scripts that you could take a look at and probably in other, older threads here on this forum. You will have to do some work yourself, just like anyone else who wants to reach a goal.

Well, I actually just finished up the same sort of thing!
Once you have the sphere mesh, say sphMesh, get make an object handle with sphObj = NMesh.PutRaw( sphMesh, “theSphere”)
Then you can do anything with the sphObj.

Movement is done with Ipo curves. For help with those,

Good luck! :smiley: