Moving a walk cycle

Hi Guys.

I have created a character with flexrig with a few additions. I have got a walkcycle i am happy with for now but want to move the character forward. I have followed a video tutorial from youtube to the letter but it wont move forward it just stays put.

I have been trying now for two days to see if i have done something wrong but cant find anything. I dont know how to post my file cos i have linked the character and apparently it doesnt show up when i have done it in the past.
I got to the stage where i have created a plane mesh and tried to line it up and the pressed i moved the root controller to another position and pressed i location again bu t the character stays in the oiginal position.

Can anyone help from my dubious description please


Dubious description is way too dubious to make sense of. I suppose I could watch the tutorial you are trying to follow to see whether that author has missed describing a step somewhere, but the damn thing is over 30 minutes long.

I’d suggest you find some other walk cycle tutorial and try it, instead. It’s entirely possible that the author of the one you are watching thinks something is so obvious it ‘goes without saying’ and might not have said whatever it is that is holding you back. Or, it might be that the tutorial shows techniques for looping a walk cycle without moving the character forward. Whatever…

Find another tutorial.