Moving actions

so lets suppose that you want to extend the amount of frames between an animation setting (basic keyframes) how would I go about doing that? also, is there a way to export into a flash file or something? and if I wanted to add usable buttons into my animation? and STOP the animation on the last frame…? man I wish the tutorial on Wikibooks wasnt up for deletion:(

So you have a bit of animation that is, say, 60 frames, and you want the action to take 90 frames, because it’s too fast. Select the keys and scale them up until they take 90 frames. Then re-render.

You can export in several formats, either as a series of stills, or as a compressed video using any of several codecs, assuming they are installed on your machine. I’m not that familiar with Flash but I assume it can import stills.

Not sure what you mean by adding a button to control an animation. Animations are films, series of images played really quickly. If your video player has a pause button, press the pause button. :confused: If you want the last pose to last longer than one frame, just extend the length of the render, but don’t add any new keys. The last image will simply be rendered more times, creating the effect of stopped action.

Perhaps you’re thinking of creating a game, rather than an animation? That would have buttons controlling things.

thanks for the help, i messed with it longer and got the export thing, though i need to try the extending thing… actually about the buttons, i was thinking more like a flash button, I suppose i can just do that after the render. thanks for the help