Moving all Bones / Keyframes

I’ve got an animation imported from motion capture and tweaked that I’ve imported the action into a document that already has several existing actions. All the actions use the same armature, but the new action has the armature centered at the origin while all of my existing ones have the origin at the armature’s feet.

Now, I know I can go through each keyframe and move the root bone to the right position in pose mode, but it’s a fairly long action (about 700 frames) and since it started as a motion capture, every single bone is keyed at pretty much every single frame, so I can’t just translate the root bone at the beginning and end, I’ll have to do it at every frame.

I feel like there’s got to be an easier, smarter way to adjust the action’s position relative to the armature than doing that, but I don’t know what it is.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas!


This is a bit tricky to explain & do. First, you have to determine how much you need to move the bones in the z-direction. Look at a good action, and determine the z-location of the root bone, then look at the action you want to adjust and determine the z-loc of the root bone. Now subtract the z-loc of the action you want to adjust from the z-loc of the good action, and note that value. (example - good action has a z-loc of 0, action to adjust has a z-loc of -5, so 0 - (-5) = 5) Once you know that value, you will have to select all the z-loc curves for every bone that needs changed in the f-curve editor. Once selected, g-key to grab the curves, y-key to restrict their movement to only vertically, then enter the value you noted before on the keyboard. All the bones z-loc keyframes will be moved together the same amount.


Oh, that makes perfect sense. I completely forgot about the graph editor. Thanks so much!