Moving Along Normal

I used to used alt s to move faces along normal. I update blender, now when i do alt s it moves along the normal but the scales the face too :(. How can i move things along normal?

You mean setting the axis to ‘normal’? You can do that opening the drop-down menu on the bottom tab of the 3D view and selecting ‘normal’.

no not this, when i used to press alt + s i was able to slide a face along a normal axis. Alt + s still alows me to slide along the normal axis, but the face or edge scales as well. Its wierd sometimes itll work once, but if i try it again it wont. Yes but thanks benjamin settin the axis to normal will help me for now, although i cant press g then z i gatto click on the z axis which is shown.

Ya but how can i get this alt + s thing working again. It is used allot in the mastering blender workshop.

Don’t click “the z axis which is shown”, just press z twice. As for the alt+s behavor you’re referring to, I’m pretty sure it was always like that.

thanks Stan :slight_smile: oh but um well try this. Make a plane and extrude two paralell sides. You should now see 3 quadrilatirals faces which are connected. Select the middle face then press alt s. Notice how it moves, move it then place it. Now try to alt s that face again and it will behave differently. The way it behaves at first is how alt s is used in the mastering blender workshop.

Yes, alt+s scales along normals. I’m failing to see what you find to be wrong with it. The normals change -> the scaling changes. I haven’t seen the workshop, though. Could you maybe provide some screenshots of what you expect vs. what happens?

Set pivot point to Individual Origins.