Moving an animated particle system?

Please excuse me if this seems like a stupid or redundant question (

Particle generator moving with a keyframe mesh?
) but I’m a Blender Newbie, the truth hurts. Anyway, I’ve rigged up a particle system to emit smoke, meant to come out of the back of a missile like projectile. I’ve learned how to make the actual particle system and have created one to my liking but now I’ve come to a bit of a stand still, I can’t get the smoke trail to follow the missile. I’ve tried parenting the emmitter to the missile and I’ve also tried parenting both the emitter and the projectile to an empty but nothing, after I add the first keyframe the smoke stays in the same spot, even though the emitter moves with the projectile. I’m sure it’s something easy i’m missing but I’m pretty much stumped.


After you’ve done the parenting, have you tried going back to your emitter, and hitting “recalc all” in the particle effect tab? That should do the trick…



Man I wish I had posted here earlier today. I just spent about 2 hours digging through tutorials/FAQs and posting on other sites and I finaly found the RecalcAll just before I checked back here…hate it when that happens! Thanks a bunch anyway though.


an easier way maybe to enter and exit mesh editing mode on a mesh (select a mesh object and press tab and tab again). That also refreshes the particle calculation.