Moving an Arm with incremental steps in BGE

Hello everyone!

Like the title says: I want to move a ROBOT-arm model with incremental steps in the Blender Game Engine

I have a model of an arm. It exists of multiple meshes, all connected to each other by 6DoF-constaints.

I want to use the keyboard to change the rotation of each mesh. Currently I am using the “Motion” actuator with “Rot”. This way the arm will instantly stop when releasing the key causing the motion (Gravity is set to 0).

I have a problem with the fact that some constraints fail while moving. The calculations can’t keep up (Already put the calculation precision higher under Shading (F5) -> World Button) and the meshes will not stick together like they should.

Someone has an idea to tackle this problem? Maybe a whole other idea, or someone has did this before and has an example for me? Any help would be welcome.

Kind regards,
Jos van Schijndel.

I wouldn’t use constraints for that, I would do it like this:


Beweging Robotarm.blend (157 KB)