Moving an object with keyframed animation

Hi all

Super basic question- I have an object with some animation done in the timeline (10 frames, up and down motion), but when I go to move it via dLoc, force etc (while playing the animation) I get either the object resetting its position (I imagine as the keyframes were Location) or if I use deltaLocation the animation does nothing at all. I am specifying the frames (1 to 10) in the brick too.

In fact, whatever settings I use results in failure. I used to be able to do this quite easily when there was an IPO logic brick, but now, nothing.

What settings do I need to use? I’ve spent so long learning Python and moving cubes around I’ve forgotten the fun stuff!

Cheers for your time


Use an Action actuator to play an animation

In the attached blend, pressing spacebar plays a delta transform of the cube along the x axis


move.blend (89.3 KB)

Nice, thank you for that!