Moving an object's center without moving an object

Is it possible to move the location of an object’s “center” without moving the object? Say you’ve got the object right where you’d like it and you want to tweak the location of the point which it rotates around, without messing up how the object’s lining up with the rest of the scene. Hopefully that was coherent … any ideas? I have a feeling Blender can do this, but I can’t figure out how …


I’m a newbie, and I don’t speek english very well, so if i’m wrong, sorry… %|

First, select your object, then place the 3d cursor where you want that object’s center to be.

Finally, click “Center cursor” in the Editing window (F9), like this:

I hope that is what you were asking for… :smiley:

go into edit mode and select all the vertices and move the object till u have the center at the right spot. then go into object mode and move it back.

Hope it Helps


yeah taht works too

That method works, but it was what I was trying to avoid, HeadCheese. :slight_smile: Nunud got it though; perfect. Thanks.

Moving the mesh in edit mode is one way, but I would most agree using the little center movement tools you can mess with in object mode

yeah i forgot :expressionless: