moving and rotating a character with armature

I have my first character with armature. Now i need to rotate it 90º. But when i do so, the armature gets separated. Why? How can i do it?

*did you parent the object to the armature?
*did you rotate the armature in pose or object mode?

I tried several things by myself. In object mode.

Now that you point that, i’m selecting both mesh and armature, and pressing ctrl+p to parent them. But in the subsequent menu if i select “armature” the the mesh get’s into a child of the armature, and i guess that’s the opposite to what we want. So, how can i parent them?

Can you send me to a good tutorial as well?


Oh! I did it! Thanks for the guide.

The main issue was selecting both but with the mesh active (i mean, highlighted in a lighter color).