Moving animated particles in BGE ?


I’ve made the excellent tutorial for particles in BGE :

Great !!!

But, when I try to attach the emitter to my vehicle, it doesn’t work…
How can I move the emitter in real time (with some keyboard sensors) ?



Does the vehicle have physics ? If so I found that you cant use a parented object with an IPO or BG will not work or just crash.

I 've tried to parent my emitter to my vehicle, but nothing happen…the particles disappear !

oups…I don’t understand
(with an IPO I can move the emitter in 3D space, ok ,
but I want to control it with keyboards touch…)

does your particle have physic activated? (it can bring some problem, if there are some collision…)

You have the emiter [E] of the particles and you have the vehicle [V]…the you parented them:
Its fine…should work perfect…EXEPT…if that vehicle has physics. An IPO motion cannot work at the same time with a PHYSICS driven parent.

So if your vehicle has physics associated with it…I don’t think you can run both at the same time.

THere is a workaround…use constraints to keep the particles tied to the vehicle while still being able to perform the IPO. :slight_smile: Hope it helps.

hey, that’s really neat :smiley: good work