Moving animation file

I have an animation file I have been working on on my f drive… I moved it to my e: drive where my dropbox account was saved, so I could share the file with a friend. When I open the file in the remote location the file no longer works. I put the file back on the f drive and it worked fine. I know this is because I have linkedin models. but I can’t figure out how to fix the problem. I went into the data block section but couldn’t figure it out. Can anyone help?

I also saved the file from the f drive to the e drive. This approach worked for me, but not my friend. He doesn’t have access to my f drive which is where the rig file was saved.


I believe this is because you have relative datapaths checked in your prefs? That works when you have all stored in the same folder etc. Try unchecking that to see if it now finds the right fie.

I will check with my friend tomorrow. I am not sure that is working though. Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks a lot DruBan for your help so far!