Moving background image.

Hi, i know there is an answer out there as I used to know how to do this but forgot and cannot find out how to do it again. I am trying to have the blender background image (the one that you select from: view–>background image) be a video so that every frame I advance, the frame on the background advances.

I really need to figure this out! Thanks in advance.

just load the image sequence or avi in the world texture buttons, the same as you would do an animated image texture on a plane. click on ‘paper’ and ‘zenith up’ in world buttons i think.

OR… Use the sequence editor to convert to AVI to a set of sequential images and use an Image Node and an Alpha Over in the Composite nodes

Sorry, I should have been more clear, I want it to be like the images viewable in the background of each “3D-view” edit window. Like when you have a blueprint you put an image in the background for each viewport. I want to do that with video.

Also, when i load a avi as a texture, the console tells me that its an unknown file format. What formats does blender support, what format of avi ?

it has to be completely uncompressed AVI otherwise it won’t work. and those files can get huge, fyi. I’d just map the video as an image texture to othagonally-positioned planes. I don’t think you can set a video as a background image (viewport only) directly, although I may be wrong.

in your 3d window, use the menu View->Background Image.

Play the video in a media player, run it full screen and press the “Printscreen” button (next to F12) at the frame that you want to model from, and pase that (CTL+V) into Paint or whatever, save it as a .jpg and load it as your background image. Since .avi is a movie format, Blender will not load it as a background image. It’s rather hard to model something from a moving picture, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

posted to wiki today: moving background using nodes. helps?

If you are having trouble loading AVIs as textures, try importing them into the video sequence editor first, then saving them as AVI JPEGs

i.e. go to the Scene button,
make sure AVI JPEG is selected in the Format Panel,
click on the “Do Sequence” button,
then click on the “ANIM” button.
Then add your new avi file as the texture. Don’t forget to switch off “Do Sequence” when you start working in the 3D window again.

I find these tend to work better than most other video formats (especially on macs for some reason), and also AVI JPEGs aren’t as big as raw AVI files.

True, Blender won’t technically load a movie as a background image, but the Background Image dialog IS used to have a movie as a …err background texture :smiley: … as others here have already described.

I only found out about this recently from Bob Holcombe’s Chroma Key nodes’ thread. :slight_smile: