Moving bezier curves around in edit mode [solved]

Hi, I’m experiencing a problem with bezier curves in edit mode. I should probably know this, but it’s been a long time since I’ve last used blender and I don’t really have the time (patience) to be looking for the problem myself for some hours.

The problem is: when I add a new bezier curve and go into edit mode, I can’t move my anchor points along the z-axis. And it is driving me crazy! I feel like I should know what’s happening here, but I cannot for the love of me find out! Rotating also causes problems: it won’t rotate around the x- or y-axis.
In other words: it seems the z-coordinates of all my anchor (and handle) points are restricted to 0. Yet in object mode, I am able to move the entire curve around completely freely, as one would expect. So my question is: what is going wrong in edit mode?

Please help me out here, I’m starting to go mental (and I am really pissed at myself for not knowing this/finding out what’s wrong myself).

make the curve 3D and it shall move anywhere you want !


Yes! I KNEW it was something like that! You know, something that makes you feel silly for asking because it’s so simple. Thank you very much for reminding me!