Moving blend file to another computer default cube appears instead of meshes

Hello everyone, on “computer 1” I had .blend file with some objects modeled already, I transferred the file to “computer 2” via flash memory… when I tried to open the file with double click it just loaded the default cube with nothing of my model there (noting that the file size remains as the original modeled one). I tried to open it using file>open … message appears: “failed to read blend file … missing DNA block”.
Tried to rename the .blend1 file to be .blend… it cannot be opened.

Tried some other files… the same problem happened.

Finally, when I created a file on computer 2 and transferred it to computer 1 … it opened normally no problem.

So, anyone have a solution to transfer files from comp. 1 to comp. 2 ??

Do the original file and the copy the same hash?±android