moving blender animation in psd picture or other way around

Hey community,

I am absolutely new using blender and being here, therefor I have a question which might be super easy. I googled a lot but couldn’t find an answer till now.

Is there the possibility to combine a blender animated smoke on top of an psd picture? meaning I take the picture from psd into blender and combine it w the animated smoke to the end result or other way around?

My idea is a portrait photo smoking a cigarette and the smoke is animated and moving. smt like this so you can imagine what i mean.

If not possible, any hint how to make it possible?

Thank you so much.

It’s possible. All of the animations on the page are.

Since you’re new, would suggest watching program basics first

These might be helpful

Not sure if there’s psd layer import. If not, could export background and foreground elements as .png. If you need those in the 3d scene, could use import images as planes addon to do it.

cool, that’s what I was looking for. Thank you :slight_smile: