Moving Bones Deforms unrelated meshes (2.49b)

First of all I apologize for the poor title, but I’m not even sure how to describe in Blender terms what is going wrong. As you can guess I’m a begginer and I have encountered a problem when rigging my character. My search has proved to be fruitless as I’m not sure what exactly to look for, and the things I’ve already found I have tried already (like weight painting).

Ok so my problem is, my model suddenly decided to behave in a weird fashion in Pose mode. What I did was create the armature, then assign that armature to the character and then I created all the vertex groups to the corresponding bones. Now I dont know if thats the proper way of doing it, but I was trying to do same as I saw on a tutorial.

Anyways for the most part, it was going fine, I added an arm vertex group with the same name as the corresponding bone and went to Pose mode to move it around and the parts would move as expected.

It was like this the whole way, till I did the Tail in my model. After doing the tail I guess I singed victory too early and when I went to try moving the model around, the Head of the model started behaving weird. It stretches and deforms aroudn the middle when I move the tail, hip and parts of my spine. Same happens with the “crests” that go down the back of my model.

Im out of ideas and its the third time I’ve went back and renamed all the bones and vertex groups and I would appreciate any insight as to what could be wrong, and what I’m doing wrong. Thank you very much and sry for the long post.


DraconianArmorTest.blend (757 KB)

No great mystery. If you go into Weight Paint mode for the model, and select the tail bone or its corresponding vertex group, you will see lots of unwanted splashes of red (i.e. high weight) all along the centreline of the model. Paint them all back to blue (zero weight), leaving just the actual tail red.

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May I suggest that you make a practice of hiding all verts that you don’t want to be part of the painted group in edit mode prior to selecting wt paint.

Mathew thank you very much, you have saved me from frustration and not to mention saved me loads of time trying to figure out what was wrong. I feel dumb now because I said I checked the weight painting but I guess I didnt check the tail QQ, my apologies for that. I’m at a loss as to why that paing went up all along the spine like that, I didn’t even mess around with the weight paint prior to assigning names.
I’ll definitely avoid doing this mistake again now that I know what to look for, I don’t like bothering people for stuff, you guys deserve a medal for taking time to help random others. Thank you.

Ill definitely keep that in mind for when I use weight paint, but if I could ask something related to the problem I had. That red stripe of weight paint appeared there by itself, I really dont know how because I didn’t use weight paint prior to what happened.

Is there something I can do to avoid that or is it just probably a mistake on my part on the order I’m doing things? Once again, thanks a lot for your help.