Moving bones

when i put a armature onto a skeleton i can rotate and scale the bones but i can’t move the bones through location? how can i do this?

Well, the bones are attached to each other (connected).

  1. Move the first bone of a chain.
  2. On the Armature Bones Panel in Edit-Mode is a button Con, so if you really want to move a bone release this button.
  3. Normally you would want to move a bone at the tip of the chain, and let the whole chain follow. This is called Inverse Kinematics (IK). So you should do one of the different tutorials about animation in the manual do learn it.
    For example see this section:


Maybe by “through location” you mean move the whole armature? Three ways 1) Keyframe the armature Object (Object in IPO Context, not the Pose) in Object mode;.2) Pose and Keyframe the Root.bone (the first bone added); 3) Set up a WalkCycle with StridePath in the NLA Editor.