moving camera in blender (2.5)

Please, give me tips on how to move the camera, so to focus an object. I’m almost new at blender and camera is just not handy for me.

By now, i press 0, and then G to move the camera. I also managed sometimes to make zoom in and out with the mouse. But what if i want to move the camera around my object?

Add an empty to your scene. Select your camera, then shift select your empty so both are highlighted. Then press Ctrl+T / Track to Constraint.
You can then move the empty and your camera will always point to it. This way you always know where your camera is pointing even when you don’t show the camera view.


go into object mode, select the camera, u can move it with the arrows that are around it if you want. or use “g” again. if u want it to zoom in just move it closer to your character, if you want it to rotate around your character go into top view(“7”) then just move it around to where you want it, then rotate it with “r”. hope this helped and wasnt confusing.


Thanks @cdiddy . Your ways are easy ways. I was thinking about moving the camera from the inside, all around and object, like if the object were the pivot… But the upper view show be useful as a workaround.

@Richard: I’m applying the constrain but i think it just sticks the object in front of the camera. I’m testing now how the object rotates. I’m not yet skilled so to say if this is the solution. Thanks.

edited: Actually, Richard, i don’t know what “empty” is, so i just selected my object and the camero to constrain (cntr+t).

I’m also trying to rotate the camera from the inside, but constraining the movement in an axis, and selecting the cursor as pivot. I think this is close to be the solution for me. :slight_smile:

I found a cool way to move the camera: the flight mode:

shift+F to start flying mode.
esc to cancel
LeftMouseButton to accept new angle.

“empty” is empty object (shift+A, add empty object). this helps in many cases.