Moving camera on fixed curve => Fixed camera on moving curve


I am charged with creating an animated model of a flight through a tunnel for a peculiar 3d application.
Peculiar, because the application does not allow models to have cameras. Or it wont use them, i think. I can only load a model and play its animation.

I have gotten as far as moving a sphere with attached camera along a bezier curve with depth (using a curve modifier). But now I want the camera to stand still and the curve to fly past the camera.

I guess I could duplicate the curve. Make one curve move along the other and the camera move along the inner curve backwards (??). And then somehow extract the inner animated curve (???).
Before I try that I rather ask if there is an easier solution.
Is there?

Thanks so much,

This actually seems to work. But the camera still rotates. argh

Now uses the follow path constraint.