moving camera

is there a way to move the camera while in camera view

yea, select the camera while in camera mode (right click the solid black outermost line). Then hit the G Key to move it. Hit the MMB for extra results too! Good luck!

Or SHIFT+F and really have a ball.

that works so nicely- every time I discover a new feature on blender I realise how great this program is.

Thanks for the replies

Create Bez. Circle
Select Camera and Bez. Circle both using SHIFT and press Control + P opt for follow path
Now Select Camera and Cube Both using SHIFT and Press Cotrol +T and Opt for Track to Constraint
Now Render for 1-100 Frame
See cube rotating in 360 Degree view

If you are in camera view, and select the outermost black rectangle, you can also control what the camera is looking at by pressing RR. The camera then comes under your control.

Hey, thanks, that’s a new one on me.