Moving Castle WIP

Hi everyone!

Last Update
What do you think about this composition?

Started working on my entry for the new CG Boost’s “Moving Castle” challenge :smiley:
This is going to be the main character in the picture. What should I name him?


Any critique is welcome :slight_smile:
Hope you like it, and stay tuned!


So after modeling the character - it’s time for the actual castle:

It’s my first time trying to sculpt something made out of sand. Doing some research :smiley:

Another Update:

A little progress with the castle (and a bucket and shovel):

And a new model - a wagon :smiley:


Initial layout :smiley:

Love your take on the contest theme, it made me laugh when I saw the bunny pulling a sand castle.
All looks good so far, best of luck with the contest.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!

And here’s another update:

The bunny is now rigged (the materials and textures are not done yet) :smiley:

The materials are not done yet, but I worked a lot on the composition. What do you think?